Sunday, May 29, 2016

Here we go...

Hi, my name is Audrey Ramos. I am a Counselor, Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, nutrition & life coach, & owner of FLOW Massage in Virginia Beach, VA. Balance is a life long process and I have learned that living well, acting with good intentions, and helping others to achieve their goals of being happy and healthy have given me the balance I need. I am a healer & freedom seeker. I love to travel and be in nature as often as possible, especially near the ocean. I am a coastal girl with southern roots. I enjoy all sorts of nature, animal & plant life. Everything is connected and it is all energy. We are all made of energy. We are divine creatures capable of self-healing. We have been provided with everything on the Earth that we need to grow strong & healthy & to heal ourselves. Energy flows from the molecules, negative ions in the air, oxygen & nutrients through the plants, to the animals & to us and then back again to the soil. We are a constant open source of energy that flows through meridians in our bodies. When anything in these systems are blocked by emotional, or physical factors, flow is disrupted and mental, spiritual, and physical health is compromised. Balance is what we are all trying to achieve. Some of us attempt it in the wackiest of ways, but we all are striving for balance & we must honor ourselves & others where we are. Balance is achieved when our Physiological Systems: circulation, nervous system, brain chemistry, energy, mobility & our Spiritual Center: faith, purpose, connection to friends & family, freedom, as well as our Mental/Physical Abilities to meet our basic needs: financial, food, shelter, healthcare, rest, are unrestricted, unlimited, & free-flowing. When any of these are out of balance, there is no flow in our lives. Where there is flow, there is balance. Let the exchange of ideas & conversation flow as we discuss ways to address areas of our lives where the flow has been interrupted. 

I will be using this format to share images of beauty to brighten your day and enlighten your spirit, discuss nutrition, discuss health risks, promote massage & chiropractic care, as well as yoga and other forms of exercise and stretching. I will also share my passion for the healing power of therapeutic grade essential oils through research, product recipes & tips for natural skincare & home remedies. I am a Counselor & Massage Therapist. I am not a doctor. Anything that I share on this blog is information that I have researched and remedies I & my family have used in order to take charge of our healthcare and live a more natural lifestyle. My advise should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional medical care and advise.

Feel free to email me or comment here on topics or questions you would like to see discussed. 



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